Thursday, 9 October 2008

And Where Have You Been?

Do I really need to apologise about not posting? Thanks for the reminder guys, but I have been a bit lax with the training lately. Here's why....
I had been fighting a chest infection prior to 7oaks, but afterwards, it attacked with power. So, while I had all the intentions of starting my base training, I started to take it easy. And then the new Students started to roll into the University. How did this happen? I went from Ultra fit, to a lazy thirtysomething. In less than 1 month! Wow!
But a lot did happen in between. My son and I went camping for the first time. His favourite activity was 'burning sticks' and potholing. Mabel grew. The girls got bikes for their birthdays. Mabel grew. Vix stopped working on Wednesday nights. Mabel grew. And me? I stopped training, started to work too many hours, and took my antibiotics. Oh, and Mabel grew.
So what now? Well, I will need to see the doc again, as the anti's haven't worked. Most likely I will have some pics of my chest done and see what's what. It may be exercise induced asthama. Nothing serious.
Oh, and this one might interest the bike geeks: I got to see the new Condor singlespeed Pista on Monday. Beautiful!!!