Saturday, 28 June 2008

What do I do about the Speedos?

Firstly, an apology for taking so long to get something in the blog. What with the conference and sorting out everything for holiday with work I haven't had a chance to get something down. But, fear not; I have news.

The conference was excellent, with some good networking amongst my peers and workshops that were very relevant ot my post. I have a goal to push a Healthy Campus agenda into the University and it was refreshing to hear that other Uni's were also in the progress of organising their own. Its great to hear that health and wellbeing is at the top of the priority list for the Higher Education Institutes.

So, with that in my head and my heart you can imagine the training hours I put in. I tried BRICK training for the first time for the T2 (bike to run). What a wake up call. It was shocking to see just how wobbly my legs were between the treadmill run and then onto the Spin bike. But, I must have did something right as my HR went down to a steady state after 5 minutes. Just wonder what will happen during the actual event once the stress gets going.

One of the speakers we had at the Conference was Sir Clive Woodward (03 World Cup Rugby Coach). He is currently working for GB on the Elite Performance programme for the 2012 Olympics. What an inspriration! He quotes T-CUP (Thinking Clearly Under Pressure). I'll need to remember that.

So, a few questions to ask any triathlete who happens to fall on this blog. What do I do about the pool swim to bike? Do I change from my Speedos into chamios?

Music for the training has been: Placebo (Nancy Boy), Rage Against the Machine (Bulls on Parade) and sadly Chilli Peppers (Scar Tissue). No real reason, just felt the Chilli's needed a mention. Long run tomorrow, followed by some pool work. Wish me luck.

Sunday, 22 June 2008

I now pronounce you...

Boy in his cool outfit. Hat, wearers own Well, the weekend/wedding is over. What a great time, the girlies looked great, Boy was awesome and my wife was gorgeous. But what you really want to know is how was my training.

I had a long run on Saturday HR average was 135 bpm, and total run time was 1.08. Distance covered? Not sure, but Bull and I had a great run and talked about the upcoming tri. This evening I started to go for a swim at the outdoor pool, but decided to call off. No real excuse, just wanted to be lazy. And was thinking about something.

Actually, it was for a completely different reason. We have been talking about a puppy for some time. Now, we have a young family and this might not be the best time but a dog is something I have really wanted forever. The pup we are thinking about is a Springer Spaniel. Energetic, active dog. Someone that I could run with, cycle with and all that. Plus the kids need animals, I always had pets and think its a great way to get with nature and all that.

Procession to the Conservatory. Below is a twin running.

So, to finish it off; Soundtrack for training is: Hunting for Witches (Bloc Party) and Immigrant Song (Zep). I will run/gym tomorrow and will post for one more time before I head over to a works conference. Will keep you all up to date, but...
Once in your life, you really make a truly perfect, absolute decision. Mine came the day I called V's dad and asked for her hand. Since then, I have been completely blessed with V, and Boy and the Girlies. She is my all, my everything, and my wife. I love you babe.

Friday, 20 June 2008

And now they know

Alright team, now its official. People are now well aware of my intent. Not the blog, the Tri. I met a REAL triathlete today, and he set me straight. This is NOT going to be easy, it probably won't be fun, and most importantly it will HURT. I will suffer. No doubt about it. But, at least I understand this and forewarned is forearmed? So, I promise that I will be a good boy and do my training and not complain.

YA RIGHT!!! If you believe that, there's a bridge in London with your name on it. 5 million pounds and its yours.

Ok, the really tough part of the tri should be the swim right? Nope. The run is where its at, and evidently the body doesn't understand that you want to run after you bike. Different muscles, you see. And they don't have the capacity to go from cycle to run without some encouragement. So, tomorrow I will do a long run with the Bull (friend doing the tri, also) and just build up the endurance. Bike will be Sunday evening hopefully. Total training this week has been good; with Monday having a run, Tuesday another long run and Wednesday a ride in the gym. Thursday was a rest day, and tonight is also. I really need to get in the pool, but at least I got the banana hammock.

Yep, you guessed it. All the gear, and no idea. At least I'll look like I know what I am doing.

And for those who have looked at Maynard's comment. I tried to get the playlist, but it kept crashing. But my hope is to have it up later this week. What I was thinking was each training session would match a song track. So for the week, just think: Kick Start My Heart (Crue), Want You Bad (Offspring), Instutionalized (ST), and just because I like it Teardrop (Massive Attack).

So, campers, there it is. Wish me luck at the wedding tomorrow. I'll try to limit the Red Wine. You'll know on Sunday. TTFN!

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

And here we go.....

So, I have finally done it. My wife has been blogging for quite some time, and now I have decided to give it a go. The real reason isn't that I want to compete with her, its that I have just entered into a Triathlon and thought how cool would it be to have an online training log.

Now, don't get all 'why are you doing this' on me. I've been involved in cycling since Dad first bought me a bike, having raced semi pro (I told people I was professional, and supplemented my income via a real job) in Mountain Biking and Road. Now, I still stay active mainly due to my job. Nothing really strenuous, just working in the Health and Fitness industry.

Ok, you'll find out more about me as this goes. The main things are:

  • Love my family, and my faith

  • Enjoy working

  • Can't stand doing nothing

Well, back to the blog. The date of the Tri is September 14, and is a Sprint. 400m in the pool (16 lengths), 25km on the bike, and 8km run. Should be fun, and I haven't even though of a goal time. As this is my first one, it could be anything. The pool should be fun as I haven't swam lengths in years. I'm going to try this weekend to do it, so that I have a benchmark.

Training has been ok, with the local ride with the boys on Saturdays and the running on a daily basis. The pool should be the fun one, but more about that later. So, readers here it goes. Look forward to having you with me.