Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Speed is your friend

What a weekend! I went for a run/bike block on Friday at the gym which went excellent. I've started doing the Power Plate and it seems to have helped the knee (but mad me look like a complete idiot in the process). Ferret ride was held on Saturday morning and the trails were so dusty, I had to ride at the front the whole time. Super fast fitness, minus technical skills added to the fun and it wasn't until I was finished with the first lap that I felt really comfortable on the MTB again. But, we only had time for the one lap, so that's how it goes.
Went to a friends party Saturday night and woke up with a slightly sore head in the morning. But, I have discovered Redbush tea which is now my all time favourite. What a great drink.
Sunday was spent house cleaning and getting ready for a family friend, and Monday William and I dug up some trenches for his schools veggie gardens. That was great fun, and we followed it up with a longer than usual ride over to his friends house. The boy is absolutely fearless on his bike when it comes to downhills. He's still not gotten to grips with the brake levers and just tries to ride it out instead. I made the mistake of saying 'speed is your friend' some time back and now he uses that as his reason all the time.
Good training week ahead, and looking forward to getting some time in the pool, now its open.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

How do you train without motivation? That must be the toughest question out there, because I am really struggling with getting 'out there'. Let's go back a bit....
On Friday last week, I took my bike to work in an effort to ride home from Sevenoaks. If I get off the train then I would have no choice right? Oh, but remember I work in Central London. So dutifully, I lock my bike up outside of work and sometime between 7a and 1.50p my bike is stolen. Liquid nitrogen on the lock and then a hammer to smash the mechanism. Great! So, not only do I not ride home, but I ruin my whole weekend by being in a bad mood as the insurance won't cover the theft. Yep, you guessed it; the coverage only applies to bikes within my home!
And then there's my knee. I took 2 weeks off to recuperate and get it to full health. It feels fine, except when I go downhills. But, being the lazy sod that I am, I still haven't tried to put in a decent run. Think you know guilt? Try having a springer spaniel look at you with dissappoinment because you didn't take her for her run. Thats priceless!
But, there is hope. I am riding on Saturday with the Ferrets on the MTB. And I really haven't been turning pedals in anger in a while. So, lets see how it goes.
I have kept up the strenght training and the stretching so at least it isn't all bad.

Here's to the coming week!

Where's my motivation?

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Because it hurts more

Good session on the bike today, with maybe about 1/3 of my body weight in sweat falling to the floor. I'm sure I looked a state, but I really felt good. This was all about recovery, so a lot of hill intervals.
I've started up on what I call 'Jacob's Ladder'; which is basically two levels up with one level back in 45 second intervals. I'll do 5 of them after 20 mins and find it absolutely kills my legs. All of this whilst listening to Metallica's Battery.
So, all in all a good session. I'm hoping to go out on the bike tomorrow evening if the rain holds off. Until then...

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Training? What training?

Before we discuss the training update, let's talk about the weekend. I get a call that a meeting I'm supposed to be at on Friday has been relocated to Lord's Cricket Ground to watch the West Indies take on England. What a result! I've never been a massive cricket fan, but I do like the traditional element. And what better place to go to than the 'home of cricket'. I then get a call that I've been invited by the V.C. of our University to attend the 4th day of the cricket on Saturday. At first I thought, no way. Vix is off to Legoland with William, so thats not able to happen. But when I tell her, she immediately says go. They rearrange the Legoland date, and I am free to go on Saturday with a friend.

My tickets for Friday I give to a friend, telling him not to worry about the meeting. No codes, no passwords, just enjoy the seats and the hospitality. And then England go and win the thing in 3 DAYS!!! Usually, you can bet the farm that it will either draw or at best a win (albeit scappy). So, that means no cricket and a rather sullen Bill.

But, in true style; we get an invite to go to a village church fete (a fair) with some really good friends. We have a great time, and the unfortunate win from the day before is truly forgotten. Vix and William head to Legoland on Sunday, and me and the girlies go for a hike with some friends. All in all, a GREAT weekend (but no cricket).

Training was ok this week. 5 hours on the bike (mostly at the gym) and no running due to the knee. But I feel strong, and am ready for this week's mileage. Vix is off to a run on Sunday for Breast Cancer and me and the kids are going to go and support her. She's been a bit overwhelmed with all of the last week's stuff, but she'll be fine. And I have a feeling she'll surprise herself with her finishing time.

I've started my fundraising for the Capital to Capital (I'll refer to it a lot, but only as RTP). The page is: www.justgiving.com/billthompson

Please sponsor me, as I've got a long way to go. The goal is 1K, which given the fact that I've only got a few months till the race, I better get my skates on!