Wednesday, 19 November 2008

'Tom Jones should be president'

Wow, was it really only a few days ago? As eluded to in my earlier posts, I was off on a yearly 'Ferret' weekend with my mountain biking mates. For over 7 years the group has been travelling up to Betws for a hit of the Marin trail and then to play on Snowdonia Mountain Range. Last year was my first and it was great, this year it was even better.
We left on Friday morning at 3.45am in a convoy of 4 vehicles to converge on Osterwestry Little Chef. There are guys who don't live in the Tunbridge Wells area that would meet us there. Then, its a bit of 'Olympic Breakfast' (I only it at LC once a year and this is it) and then off to Betws y Coed for the Marin. Usually the group splits into fast, med, and slow on the climb up to the trail, but this time the slow and medium group headed out of the parking lot first with the rest of us setting up bikes and generally faffing about. Then it was off.
Myself (Otter), Goldenballs, Stuntwhippet and Honey started up the silly climb that is Marin. As I felt pretty good, I lead up the climb and was first onto the trailhead and waited for the others. It then became just Goldy, Honey and me in the 'fast' group. We pushed it pretty good, and finished the ride in a state, but all in all great fun. But that was just the appetiser.
After the pub, and then dinner Stuntwhippet and myself started to look at the trails at Coed y Brenin with Goldenballs (who is starting to get VERY fast). He was up for the ride, so off we went to hit the Beast of Brenin. Great, wet, riding at one of the best trail centres in Wales and a good group of guys to ride it with. We missed the pub and went straight over to the B and B and then into the hotel bar for a pint of Purple Moose which ran out quickly and was replaced with Brains anniversary bitter (amazing!).
We had originally looked at a trail run up Snowden on the Pyg trail, but decided to call it a weekend and head back to T Wells for some house points with the wives and kids. A great move, as Vix did appreciate it. So did I, as I was totally wrecked. But, still managed to keep the training up and as I write feel good about my fitness going into the Winter. Here's to more training...
Oh, and the post title? That was heard from the rather stereotypical Welsh barmaid at the Pub in Betws when someone started singing 'It's not unusual'. Ah, Wales.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

As Happy as a Chocolate Ferret

Ok, I know its a strange title but its what is said pretty much the whole weekend whilst in Wales with the guys. A group of 18 of us will be converging on Betws y Coed for the annual Ferrets weekend, 'bike, hike, drink, pray' sums it up.
I've just spoken with my doc who has given me a 'green light' to ride, but reminded me to 'don't push too hard'. I spent Monday getting chest X-rays to ensure that all is ok with my lungs as I keep getting Chest Infections that just don't seem to go away. But, it should be ok as I will remember to ease back at times, even if the pace starts to go away. Most likely, on the climbs.
All is well, and I believe I am over the 'post race blues'. Now, if the rest of you (WW, Bob) can start posting, I might actually get excited!

Pics from the weekend to follow.

Friday, 7 November 2008

No excuses, No suprises

I'm sorry. There, thats the apologies out of the way..

Training has been a bear lately. I have been reading about how there is a syndrome that most triathletes (at least the beginners) get that happens after they finish a race/goal. All of the focus on the race/goal drops after the event and then you find it harder and harder to get back into training. Add in the 'not so brilliant' weather and viola! Instant sloth!
And thats what I have been. I still got out for a night ride a while ago, and have gone out for a 'longish' run with Mabel, but the drive is out. My diet has consisted of High GI and fats, instead of the good stuff. And even the thought of a Ferret Weekend (coming up in a week) in Betws isn't getting me that stoked. But here's the plan. I have been looking at doing the Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon and that will get the training kick started. Besides, Mabel has started to get a bit 'too' nippy lately and I would hate to have a dog that nips the kids. So, thats that.
Off to Norfolk this weekend to see some friends, and most likely will try to get a run or bike in on Saturday and Sunday.
A lot has happened since the last post, but mainly my wife and I celebrated 12 years together. How cool? My work has been progressing well, with a few mentions in the trades about my Wellness campaign in Uni's and also a speaking gig or two at Healthy Campuses conferences. So, on the whole, life's great.
I'm also a bit excited about the prospect of our Church's Men's Dinner which is rapidly approaching. Things have been a bit quite on that front lately, so it will be good to catch up with the guys I don't see regularly. As long as they don't ask how my training has been.
Here's to the BASE training!