Thursday, 30 April 2009

Thats why I ride

Interesting title, but very apt. Beautiful day yesterday, about 15 degrees (60 in old money?), sun shining and I knew that my knee couldn't hold onto the run. So, a call from a friend, and an impromtu MTB ride on the local trails. Both of us commenting how great it is to get out, how we have been spending too much time on the road bike, and a few twitchy moments regarding technical skills. But, what a great ride. Smooth, flowing singletrack with a few exposed roots to keep you honest. No bugs, just a few people (scouts) in the forest along with me and John. Sweet, sweet, singletrack, why have I left you so long?
Here's to more sneaky trails.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Capital to Capital

Big step yesterday as I have gotten my registration in for the Right to Play - Edinburgh to London cycle ride/race in August. 462 miles in total, riding in the rain and sun that Britian has to offer. I'm really excited, but a bit nervous as....

Last nights training was a 4-6 mile run at Zone 2 (medium pace). I played football (if you could call it that) on Sunday in a charity match with some friends. My left knee felt tight afterwards, but I didn't think anything of it as I hadn't had a knock or anything. No hobbling on Monday during the work day, so didn't think I'd have a problem on the run.

As I headed to Dave's house to meet up, my knee started to throb, then crunch like something wasn't in place. I kept it up running around 3 miles and then just couldn't go on. Jogged back to the house (I told Dave to go on, email in the morning) and just sat there and looked at it. No swelling, but still a bit of pain. No ice, but rest and ibuprofen gel to help with any inflamation. Oh, and a beer to chase it away.

So, here I go signing up and then an injury. Well, I think its an injury. No swelling this morning, so I will ride the trainer this afternoon at the gym and see how it goes.

As you can imagine, I'm doing the ride for charity, so I will be asking for some funds to help. I'll do that later, but just keep it in mind when the time comes around. Total I want to raise is at least 1K.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

So who's a lazy boy?

No apologies...

Training has been good, with an emphasis on the running. I've just finished a fantastic book regarding long distance which really sparked the bug up. To be honest, I've never really enjoyed running. Cycling is so much more fun, and even swimming in the pool beats running on the road. But, add a few training partners and a dog who just wants to go and go (and go), and then your in business. I've also found a great off road loop in Hurst Woods which has added much more 'knee friendly' terrian.

Work has been great, with a large amount of prebudget prep going in. My case study on Wellbeing was received with thanks and plaudits (published!) and my recent grant application was turned down (but the letter was very encouraging).

We got through Easter in a blur. Either it was a church event, or an egg hunt or a dinner. But it was fun, and a bit more poignant this time. You see, my parents came to visit prior to easter. We had a blast, and I forgot just how much I miss them. And it really hurts to say this, but I realised that they are getting older. Now, my mom doesn't act a day over 30. She is go, go, go. But my Dad, the guy who was Superman, Ironman and 10 ft tall and bulletproof is starting to show signs of slowing down. Not that the children saw it. And to be fair, it was more me than anyone else, but I just started to remember all those great times together (I don't remember the bad, although I am sure they do). Dad used to say, wait till you have children; I'm not waiting anymore. Let's hope that my kids think of their Dad the way I do. Hopefully, without the sulky teenage years. So, Mom and Dad, sorry for being a pain as a kid. I love you both.

Swim training is next, and prep for the Capital to Capital. Promise a post soon.