Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Think long

Strange title for a post, but that has been whats been going through my mind during my swim training. My biggest problem seems to be that I have been shortening my stroke and haven't worked through the catch. Today I worked with the kickboard and started to see a bit more improvement. My time is looking better, but I still need to relax.

My run is doing well, but I am feeling like my right foot is too tight in the shoe. I'll adjust the laces and see how I get on. The biking has been fine, but I wonder if I am starting to take my riding for granted. I read that cyclists usually overcompensate on the bike as they think this is when the will make up time. I have been forcing myself to spin the last mile, so that I can be sure that I am rested for the run. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to go over to Knowle and run the course.

Mabel is settling in nicely, and she seems to be adjusting to the new environment. I have put a picture of her and me on the blog, and hope that it does her justice. I can't wait until she can go out for a run or that, but right now she has just had her first set of vacs.
So, thats me. Training has been right on, and I am really looking forward to Sept. Only 46 more days.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Been a long time

All right, lets get the apologies out of the way first. Since my last post (how many weeks ago) I have trained hard, been on A/L, saw my boy ride his bike (no stabilizers, straight to it) and just had a blast. So, I have been busy. Its just everytime I get ready to put down the hours on the blog, I turn on the TDF or just forget. But, thats what you get with me.

So the boy. His b-day was the 9th of July and all he wanted was his rocket bike. We thought about getting another balance bike, but I put him on a 14 inch at the shop and he looked fine. Anyway, we got the bike, I spent hours making sure the bike was just right. Forgot what its like with caliper brakes, so spent a few hours sorting that out. Well, as its England it rained on his birthday, so no ride. But we rode around the house for fun, he loved it. Then the park. Here he is. He is just brillant! We then went out with some friends and he just rode fantastically. This is the best thing about being a Dad.
My training took a really great turn when I started up swim training with some others. Last night I met Frankie, who was intense. She's the type of person who doesn't expect less than 100%. She started the session with the worst words I ever heard, 'All right warm up at 16 lengths'. Bloody hell, 400 metres and thats the warm up? Anyway, she worked on my technique and I have a long road to go, but everytime I learn something so thats good. Also, went out for a run this afternoon from Tonbridge to TWells. Big climb, and I felt really good the whole way up. The bike is doing well, and I have started riding without gloves as they won't be something I would ride with on the event.
We also went to Legoland for the boy, did some DIY and really just had a great time with the family. Now back at work, and really firing on all cylinders. Just need to keep it up. Total time of training first week of holiday (w/c 30 June) 8 hours, 36 mins. 2nd week at 10 hours, 15 mins (MTB ride at Bedge 2.5h). Last week with work was still good, at 9 hours, 4 mins. And right now, I am looking at the same time for this week.
So, thats about it. I will keep it up. Just send me an angry reminder if I don't post in the next three days. Oh, we also get Mable this Sunday!!! Yeah.

Thursday, 3 July 2008

New Training Partner

So say hello to my newest training partner. Meet Mabel, a 6 week English Springer Spaniel. She isn't ours yet, but will be with us as of the 22nd of July. Beauty, eh?

So, went to the pool with Bull today. How is it that someone can change your stroke and technique in 10 minutes and make you 50% faster? Well, if you swim as bad as I do then anything is an improvement. Bilateral breathing only works if you keep you head in the pool, which is something I really never could do. Anyway, Bull changed a few things and made me realise how to swim properly. Still having a bitch of a time with the full technique but at least its an improvement.

The run is going well, with my HR dropping on the long runs. The hill work is paying off, but I still am a bit worried when my reading hits 193 BPM (my AT is at 182, and theoritical max should be 186), but the heart is a strange muscle and adapts even without training effect. Who cares, if I continue to peg it during the long runs then I must be improving right?

You probably have noticed that I haven't spent much time on the bike. That will change now that my MTB is sorted. Can you believe they finally fixed the brakes, and then sure enough as I am cleaning it I noticed that the rear drive side has a spoke broken. What a joke, but at least the guys at the shop were cool enough to get it fixed so that I could go out with the lads on Saturday. That should interesting.

So, net week is all about getting some quality time in with the family and only a little bit of training. Mostly Bricks of Bike and Run. Maybe some other pool training. So, thats about it. Can't wait.