Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Forgive him, he's American

All ok here, just trying to rest in preparation for the BIG RIDE. Went for a run this morning, and feel a bit heavy (must be the BBQ at Maynard's last night), but all good now. Spent the day at Imperial in a meeting for the upcoming term. Interesting to see the line ups and here what our governing body is doing to represent us. Also got to meet up with some of the other riders for the RTP, which was encouraging.
I am wondering if my training will come through. Dan (IronMan) spoke with me briefly and reminded me that it wasn't a race, but that he was expecting me to ride with him on some of the tougher bits. Great.
So, a few more posts and then its off to Edinburgh (by the way, how the hell am I supposed to say it? Edinbro, Edinburr, Edinboro?).

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Maynard Tait said...

Try Edinbru with a roll of the tongue on that 'r' and the 'u' as in cup.
I think I also ate too much meat the other night - I was practically flat on the couch for the rest of the evening!

all the best, dude - see you when we all get back!