Wednesday, 19 August 2009

From Berwick to Newcastle!

When Bill first told me he was going to do this cycle ride, or Epic as he likes to call it, I thought.....nah, that will never happen......then his excitement took over!

He committed and is doing it and loving it. Today was apparently brilliant and the only reason I am blogging on his behalf is because they are not allowed access to the Uni computers. He is, as always, being far too competitive a strength of his that I adore however annoying it can be. He reports that his recovery is good but tomorrow is going to be tough as it is due to rain and it's a long one. He has taken loads of pictures (quite how whilst riding a bike I will never know, surely he should be arrested as it must be similar to using a mobile while driving? Or is he just showing off riding no handed like you did when you were a kid)

Anyway, my hat is off to all of them. I found running, or rather bumbling the 5K Race for Life a challenge so can't even imagine what this must be like. Keep up the brilliant work and if anyone reads this who hasn't yet sponsored him, look on his sidebar and go for it!
Love you Bill

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