Monday, 17 August 2009

Why do they use oil paints?

Wow, how cool is Edinburgh? This city is amazing. Firstly, its the Fringe so everyone is here, and secondly the architecture is incredible. Lovely gothic buildings, with some Georgian and Elizabethean here and there. Incredible.
So, here's how the first day of the Epic began. 5am wake up call, and the bags were already
packed. I'd bought some fruit toast to ensure I had some decent food prior to getting into London. But, as usual, I faffed about and at 5.55a realised I needed to get to the station. And quick! So, grab and go, I was off and on the 6.06. Whew.
Whilst in London I stopped off at work to catch up on some emails and ensure that all was ok. I also used that time to tidy my office. Then off to Euston to drop the bike off to the guys in the Luton to take it up to Scotland.
Onto the train and I finished my book before we even got to York. Great, and now what am I going to do for reading material in the evening? Met another rider on the train who is doing the ride.
Checked into the accomodation and then had the day to myself. It's about this time I realised that I left my helmet at the house. What an idiot! So, I had to buy a cheapy just to tide me over. Then I went into town.
I got to see a few shows, and most importantly a Blue Man Group rip off called 'Brown Man Group' they were good, and I was pleased. But, I did hop over to the Scottish National Gallery and what an amazing collection they have of Rafael and Tititan. Also, some Lippi and even a Van Dieke. The Tititan was the jewel in the crown, as it was the one that showed Diana being interrupted whilst bathing with the Nymphes. This is an amazing work of art, and to see it in the flesh just cannot be described. Amazed.
The whole collection is impressive and I would even say it rivals some of the National Gallery in London, but I'm sure that I would be debated to death.
We had the ride debrief and tomorrow we go out. Can't wait.
Oh, due to using Uni PC's I won't be able to post photos as the USB's have been disabled. But I'll try and get ahold of a personal computer. Tomorrow is tough as we are at a campsite in Berwick on Tweed, but I will post on Wednesday evening in Newcastle.
So, friends, stay tuned. The big event is at hand.


Vixbil said...

Hope your first day went well babe. Love you and see you sunday

Living the Dream said...

Good luck Bill, I only wish I was there to see in arrive in London. Safe cycling, see you in September.